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waitresses or bartender?   
09:22am 28/10/2009
  Anyone here ever worked as a waitress or bartender?
If so, what did your tips look like on average :)

Thanks in advance for answers.
what the buck   
05:54pm 18/12/2006
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03:34am 18/12/2006
06:11am 28/11/2006
07:19am 21/11/2006
08:29pm 26/02/2006
  I'm going to exercise everyday.

you'll love again baby

I'm sick of being fat


I gained what I lost

I love you crystal meth :-)
I'll get you again this week my baby :-)
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06:04pm 26/09/2005
  I feel ike a big rolli epollie and i'm giving up on walking maybe i shoudl jsut roll everywhere liek the chick in willy wonka. I fel like this big circle thing that just walks around causing earthquakes i swear if i jump an earthquake will occur a 9 on the richter scale. I feel like such a fatass. I'm fasting and I know that after after/during day 3 nothign is there and I begin to look good, but ah 2 more days... and I have a 20 day fast. Fuck I'm so impatient. Hey can anyone still everything that reflects in southern cali. thanks. I can't stand looking at myself.  
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12:32am 09/06/2005
  I just noticed that I've been fasting for the past 6 days... I didn't even notice.  
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Friends Only   
03:45pm 24/04/2005
  Image hosted by Photobucket.com  
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