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I’ll be your number one

with a bullet

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I am suffering and slowly dying each day I feel myself coming closer to death.
I am in an abusive relationship with everything
I am lonely
I cope with my problems through drugs, alcohol, cutting or systematically starving myself
I want to disappear

Drug free including Marijuana (SAD FUCKING FACE) August 2010
10 day fasts, 17.5, 7 series, abercrombie, active, adrianna lima, america's next top model, american eagle, anorexia, anorexics, being rich, beyonce's abs, bitches, black velvet, blue eyes, bmi, bmw, body fat, boxing, brentwood, britney spears, britney spears' bod, brown eyes, brunettes, can can, candy land, cans, cardio, cardiovascular activity, celeb workouts, celebs, chai tea, cheerleading, chic, christina aguilera, coconut rum, corsets, crest, crystal waters, cunts, diaries, diet coke, diet coke cans, dimes, dino, dumb sluts, dying, escaping, exercising, faking it, fasting, fine dining, foot lotion, fossils, french, geek chic, german, germany, gisele, green eyes, grey goose, gucci, hair spray, half dollars, hating love, hillel, him, hypnotiq, incorret spellings, ingenius, ireland, jogging, ketosis, los angeles, losing weight, low cal, low carb, lying, malibu, marilyn monroe, meeting expectations, metamucil, meth, my home, nice abs, nordstroms, nouns, oil burners, over achievers, paris hilton, penny, perfect, piano, prefection, preppy, proper names, purple velvet plants, racheal stevens, recovery, rehab, rich girls, rum, san diego, silver buckets, small butts, southern comfort, speakers, spikey hair, spun, studio city, summer nights, sunsets, swim suits, swimwear, the beach, the beautiful people, the gays, the stepford wives, thin, thin thighs, thinness, tight butts, tweak, verbs, violin, vitamin c, vitamins, vodka, vogue, walking, walking door to door, weight loss, west hollywood, whitening, working out, workouts